Wadleigh State Park: New Hampshire’s Year-Round Haven of Natural Splendor

Wadleigh State Park, with its array of winter activities, stands as a testament to the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that Sutton, New Hampshire, has to offer during the winter season. When paired with the [...]

Wadleigh State Park: New Hampshire’s Year-Round Haven of Natural Splendor2023-11-11T15:49:16+00:00

Native American Achievements

One of the many interesting things to do in the area of Follansbee Inn is visiting the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum. This facility highlights not just the history of early Native Americans, but also Native [...]

Native American Achievements2021-06-16T00:09:49+00:00

Tips For Fall Wildlife Encounters

As the weather cools and winter approaches, all kinds of wildlife become more active in order to prepare for the cold of winter. When you’re hiking in the fall, wildlife encounters may become more frequent [...]

Tips For Fall Wildlife Encounters2021-06-16T01:03:54+00:00

The Turning of the Leaves

Once again, fall is approaching quickly. The time for the turning of the leaves on the mountains. And Mount Sunapee has some of the best viewing in the fall if you want to see vibrant [...]

The Turning of the Leaves2021-06-16T01:03:54+00:00

Safety In The Mountains

Safety in the mountains is important all year ‘round. During the summer hiking and mountain biking around Mt. Sunapee are popular activities when you stay at Follansbee Inn. Being aware of your safety in the [...]

Safety In The Mountains2021-06-16T01:03:54+00:00

Mountain Biking on Mt. Sunapee

Mountain biking, the sport of riding specially-equipped bicycles off-road, is rapidly developing and growing in popularity. Some of the best mountain biking trails in New Hampshire are found on and around Mt. Sunapee. This popular [...]

Mountain Biking on Mt. Sunapee2021-06-16T01:03:54+00:00

Zip Lines

No doubt about it, zip lines are just plain fun! And some of the best are found at Mt. Sunapee Adventure Park. Before we get into those zip lines at Mt. Sunapee, let’s take a [...]

Zip Lines2021-06-16T01:03:54+00:00

Mt. Sunapee Adaptive Skiing

One of the many things to do when you visit Follansbee Inn in North Sutton, NH, is skiing. The entire family can engage in this winter sport, even if one of you may need some [...]

Mt. Sunapee Adaptive Skiing2021-06-16T01:03:54+00:00

Spring Skiing Tips

Spring skiing is often the best because days are longer, sometimes a little warmer, prices may be lower, and there aren’t usually as many people on the slopes. There can be some difficulties that crop [...]

Spring Skiing Tips2021-06-16T02:25:38+00:00
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