New Hampshire Family Reunions at Follansbee Inn, North Sutton, Kezar Lake, CT B&B

Reunions at Follansbee Inn are the place to celebrate the past and create new memories.

Your reunion is about getting together with some of the best people in your life! Sharing memories and making more. Relaxing and reveling. Venturing out and gathering in.

Since 1840, people have gathered at Follansbee Inn for their best days together! Families and friends make this their reunion destination to relive and live out some very special times with the people they love, in a place that has much to love as a group gathering place.

After a restful sleep in one of our 17 guest rooms (each with en suite bath), you and your companions will start each day with a hot, homemade breakfast in the gracious Follansbee Inn dining room. Eat, talk, and plan your day, then experience the natural beauty right outside the Inn door, or take in the many local sites and activities, in small groups or all together.

Your home-away-from-home also features 3 unique first-floor common areas, featuring:

  • Comfortable spaces with easy chairs and sofas
  • Game closet
  • Large dining tables and cozy corners
  • Lounge area with self-serve bar
  • Piano
  • Fireplaces in winter; rocking chairs on the porch and lounge chairs by the lake in summer

In addition, Follansbee Inn invites you to personalize your reunion time. Some groups bring karaoke machines, presentations and projector screens, bulk snacks and drinks, and ample bar fare. Your group may also arrange with Denis a catered dinner—highlighting the tastes of Louisiana, of course!

As with all our guests, we will happily try to accommodate the unique needs of your group to make your stay the best of the best.