Wadleigh State Park, with its array of winter activities, stands as a testament to the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that Sutton, New Hampshire, has to offer during the winter season. When paired with the proximity and warmth of Follansbee Inn, this combination creates an unparalleled winter retreat. Whether exploring snow-covered trails, engaging in ice fishing on Kezar Lake, or simply unwinding in the cozy ambiance of our award-winning bed and breakfast, the partnership between Wadleigh State Park and Follansbee Inn creates a seamless and delightful winter experience for all who venture to this charming corner of New England.

But Wadleigh State Park is also a year-round haven of natural splendor, offering a diverse range of activities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking tranquility amidst the changing landscapes.

Spring Blooms and Birdwatching:

As winter recedes, Wadleigh State Park undergoes a breathtaking transformation with the arrival of spring. The park’s lush greenery comes to life, and vibrant wildflowers paint the landscape in a riot of colors. Spring is an ideal time for birdwatchers to explore the park’s trails and witness the return of migratory birds, adding an element of natural symphony to the serene surroundings.

Summer Recreation and Water Activities:

Wadleigh State Park truly comes alive in the summer, offering a plethora of recreational activities. The park boasts a pristine beach along Kezar Lake, inviting visitors to bask in the sun, swim in the clear waters, or embark on a kayaking adventure. Families can enjoy picnics, hiking, and fishing, making the most of the warm and sunny days in this idyllic setting.

Fall Foliage Spectacle:

Sutton’s landscape transforms into a breathtaking canvas of red, orange, and gold as fall graces Wadleigh State Park. The park’s extensive trail network becomes a scenic route for hikers and nature enthusiasts seeking panoramic views of the vibrant foliage. Fall foliage drives and photography expeditions in and around the park are a favorite pastime, capturing the essence of autumn in New England.

Winter Wonderland Adventures:

Wadleigh State Park doesn’t hibernate during the winter; instead, it transforms into a snowy wonderland. The park becomes a haven for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing enthusiasts, with its pristine trails offering a serene escape into the winter landscape. Kezar Lake freezes over, opening opportunities for ice fishing and creating a picturesque setting for those seeking a tranquil winter retreat.

Year-Round Bird and Wildlife Watching:

The diverse ecosystems within Wadleigh State Park make it a haven for bird and wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year. Whether it’s the vibrant plumage of spring songbirds, the active summer critters, the majestic beauty of fall migrating birds, or the resilient winter wildlife, the park offers a constant spectacle for those attuned to the natural world.

Peaceful Reflection and Photography:

Wadleigh State Park provides a serene backdrop for those seeking moments of peaceful reflection. The park’s varied landscapes, from wooded trails to lakeside views, offer a tranquil escape for individuals seeking solitude amidst nature. Photographers, year-round, find inspiration in the park’s ever-changing beauty, capturing the essence of each season through their lens.


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