Spring Skiing Tips

Spring skiing is often the best because days are longer, sometimes a little warmer, prices may be lower, and there aren’t usually as many people on the slopes. There can be some difficulties that crop up during spring skiing that you don’t face during the colder winter months. Having ways to deal with these possible difficulties can make or break your spring skiing trips.

One of the issues you’ll run into during spring skiing is ‘corn’ snow. This is very different from the powder snow you may encounter during the colder months.

Corn snow is called that because the crystals are larger and rounded off like the kernels of corn you may enjoy eating. This comes due to the thaw-freeze cycle often found in spring skiing.

The sun and warmer temperatures during the day melt the upper layer of the snow. Then this layer re-freezes during the night when temperatures drop. The longer this thawing-freezing cycle goes on, the larger these crystals become.

In the early morning, the top layer of snow may be very solid. This shouldn’t last long once the sun hits it. This is one reason you may want to sleep in a little during spring skiing. You don’t have to be in a hurry to get out on the slopes.

Much of the time, spring skiing brings with it lower prices for ski lift tickets, cheaper lessons, and package deals for not only this spring but possibly also next year if you purchase now. In addition, many lodges offer discounts for spring skiing.

One thing you’ll have be more careful about is watching for rocks and downed trees that may be uncovered due to melting.

Always wear sunscreen. Spring skiing will give you more exposure to the sun with the longer days. Be certain to re-apply the sunscreen often.

Check the weather reports for your spring skiing. Dressing in layers is very important now because of the greater variability in temperatures during spring. Shedding and adding layers as needed will keep you comfortable.

Always wear waterproof pants during spring skiing. If you fall, the snow will still be wet. You don’t want to add to your discomfort by having wet pants.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

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