One of the many interesting things to do in the area of Follansbee Inn is visiting the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum. This facility highlights not just the history of early Native Americans, but also Native American achievements.

While a lot of people have no idea about the fascinating history of early America, those who do often dismiss Native American achievements. People often mistakenly believe Native Americans to be little more than savages and primitive in their ways. Many believed them incapable of the kind of thought required for “advanced” accomplishments.

But you must keep in mind the many Native American achievements few know about.

For example, at the same time people in Europe suffered from plagues due to living conditions that were little better than filthy, Native Americans bathed on a regular basis and ate well.

Another of the Native American achievements that lacks notice involved their use of surgery, syringes, medicinal plants, and aspirin at the time Europeans still used blood-letting.

Prior to Europeans reaching this country, one of the Native American achievements that contrasted significantly with the Europeans had to do with them building larger cities than those in Europe. In fact, these cities used functioning sanitation systems at a time when Europeans dumped chamber pots into their streets.

One of the Native American achievements that soared far above those of the Europeans included social systems in which everyone’s needs received attention. Contrast this with the social class system in place in Europe where the wealthy had plenty to eat while the poor starved.

Another of the Native American achievements impacted the United States significantly. The Iroquois People’s Confederacy provided a model for the development of our Constitution.

In addition, this same Confederacy gave one of the Native American achievements to the world. It served as the oldest continuous democracy in the world.

Another of the Native American achievements involved agriculture. Approximately 70% of today’s crops came from the “New World” prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Potatoes, corn, tomatoes, and wild rice originated here.

In addition, one of the Native American achievements in agriculture was an understanding of crop rotation. They knew the importance of leaving ground fallow from time to time.

In order to learn more about Native American achievements like these, be sure to visit the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum.

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