Mountain Biking on Mt. Sunapee

Mountain biking, the sport of riding specially-equipped bicycles off-road, is rapidly developing and growing in popularity. Some of the best mountain biking trails in New Hampshire are found on and around Mt. Sunapee.

This popular mountain biking destination is only a short distance from Follansbee Inn. The Inn is a great place from which to begin your trip around the area of Mt. Sunapee.

On the mountain itself there are over 39 trails that cover 319 miles. Lots of mountain biking and wonderful scenery.

In the vicinity of Mt. Sunapee, New Hampshire’s Northern Rail Trail has its start only five miles from Follansbee Inn. This is the longest rail-trail in New Hampshire, covering 52 miles. It has been carefully built and maintained by a large group of volunteers.

It’s possible to see moose, herons, eagles, turkeys, and even bears on this forested trail.

For those not familiar with mountain biking or just getting started, the following information is provided.

Mountain biking often covers rough terrain, but some of the trails on and around Mt. Sunapee are easy trails, designed for those not as experienced in the sport. The bikes themselves share some commonalities with ‘regular’ bicycles, but also are modified to increase durability and performance in rugged terrain.

Several categories make up the sport of mountain biking: trail riding, cross country, all mountain (called Enduro), dirt jumping, downhill, and freeride. All of the categories require core strength, balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. It’s important for you to be in pretty good shape before taking on mountain biking.

Self-reliance is important because most mountain biking takes place in fairly remote areas. You have to be capable of making repairs on the bikes and in fixing flat tires so you don’t get stranded.

It’s also important to carry a backpack with water, food, tools for repairs, and a first-aid kit. In some locations, it is also advisable to take extra clothing in case of sudden rains or cooler weather.

There are a lot of skills involved in mountain biking that most people don’t think about in the beginning. Body position is important in order to avoid falls and to navigate the terrain. Braking skills are needed to prevent injuries from going too fast or not making curves in the trails.

Overall, mountain biking is a wonderful way to get close to nature and get good exercise.

Remember: Having a great place to return to after a day of mountain biking is also important. When you decide to take advantage of the Mt. Sunapee area and mountain biking, there is no better place to stay than Follansbee Inn. The ideal bed and breakfast to come home to in the Sunapee/Dartmouth region is Follansbee Inn. Call 603.927.4221. Or visit Come see us along the shores of Kezar Lake for an enjoyable and relaxing time.