Bed and breakfast inns have been around for a number of years. They have become a really handy way to book a getaway weekend to enjoy each other and/or some popular area. The bed and breakfast inns you’re familiar with have been around for about a hundred years. But the idea and the type of accommodations have a history than can be traced back much farther into the past.

The typical arrangement for the more modern bed and breakfast inns has been the same for the entire hundred years of their existence. Usually one to six or so bedrooms serving two to twelve guests.

The early bed and breakfast inns were set up to serve people who were traveling through a region. These inns were usually established in the mountain regions of the West, like in Colorado and California. The New England states were another popular region for the early inns.

In the 1800s, travelers who frequented bed and breakfast inns were pioneers, gold seekers, miners, or professionals traveling from place to place. These early inns provided a bed and a hot breakfast the next morning to get these travelers off to a good start on the next leg of their journey.

Most of the time these early bed and breakfast inns were located in private residences. Local professionals might offer fellow traveling professionals a room for the night with breakfast the next morning. Other residents might offer other travelers the same thing.

In the 1900s more hotels and lodges were built. The bed and breakfast inns were seen as more affordable accommodations at that time.

With more students and others visiting Europe and bringing back tales of the bed and breakfast inns there in the latter 1900s, these inns became much more popular here.

Today, bed and breakfast inns provide a more cozy, warm, and attractive place to stay compared to modern hotels and motels. Rather than the seemingly sterile corporate places to stay, bed and breakfast inns give visitors quaint and cozy places to stop in locations that are popular and unique.

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