The Value of Rest

Few would argue the truth behind the observation that we have forgotten the value of rest. Today’s world is filled with a sense of urgency. We are admonished to hurry and get this or that done. We’re encouraged to spend every waking moment, even those not at work, in doing and doing and doing.

People in the U.S. take fewer of their paid vacation days than just about any other country in the world.

We truly have forgotten the value of rest.

Due to the competitive nature of humans, we tend to think of the value of rest in terms of doing restful things competitively also. Look at ads and commercials. They show people in what could be restful environments pushing themselves to get more done in their ‘rest’.

Being outdoors means hiking, running, mountain-biking, skiing, and boating in a hurry. The value of rest is lost in this kind of ‘resting’.

The value of rest comes from letting yourself go so you can recharge and recover from the stressful lives nearly everyone leads. Doing this will help you achieve greater things on down the road.

But it’s that ‘on down the road’ that keeps people from seeing the value of rest. We’re pressured to do it now and accomplish everything we can while we’re young. Few understand the wisdom in taking the long view.

Part of the value of rest, is to take time for yourself. Today, too many families are wound up in going and doing with none of the members having any time for themselves. There is something to be said about sitting down in a comfortable chair and reading a good book.

What too many people don’t realize is that continually working and pushing yourself will lead to sometimes significant physical problems. If these physical problems get serious enough, you can find yourself unable to work.

Research has shown your productivity will increase when you take time to enjoy the value of rest.

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