Looking for Antiques

Around Follansbee Inn there are several places you can go looking for antiques. This is an activity that can be done no matter the weather as long as you’re prepared.

One thing to remember is to stay hydrated when looking for antiques. This holds true whether you’re going from store to store in town or cruising through an outdoor venue in warm weather. Be sure to take more water than you think you’ll drink.

Even if you don’t think you’re thirsty, make yourself drink. If you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re often dehydrated. In warm weather, this can make you exhausted in a relatively short time.

Along with something to drink when you’re looking for antiques, be sure to pack some snacks. This can be whatever you choose, but they don’t have to be enough to replace a meal. Often in larger venues, you will have the opportunity to indulge in some really good on-site food. And everyone needs a break sometime during the day.

If you’re seriously looking for antiques to furnish your house or to decorate it, make a list of what you need. Define ‘need’ very loosely to give yourself a little leeway for impulse buying. If you’re shopping for something to fill in a space, be sure to take measurements of the space. Then, by taking a tape measure with you, you can be certain that must-have piece of furniture will fit your space.

If you’re serious about looking for antiques to fit in your house, take a van or pickup in case you find that wonderful piece that simply won’t fit in your car. Better to have a vehicle large enough to haul your finds.

Be a smart shopper when you’re looking for antiques. Buying something at the first place you see it isn’t always the best idea. Check prices at several vendors to see what others are charging. If you find some higher and some lower, look for whatever it is priced somewhere in the middle.

Always ask. If you don’t want to pay the listed price, ask for one that’s lower or for the lowest price the vendor will take. Much of the time when you’re looking for antiques, haggling is expected. It’s part of the game. The worst that can happen is the vendor is unwilling to make any changes in the price. If that is the case, and you don’t want to pay that much for the item, you can leave it without the regret of never asking for a better deal.

Many times shopping in the off season when looking for antiques will land you a better deal. When the tourists have gone home for the season, local vendors may be willing to cut you a better deal to make a sale.

When you want to enjoy looking for antiques, the ideal bed and breakfast to come home to in the Sunapee/Dartmouth region is Follansbee Inn. Call 603-927-4221. Or visit www.follansbeeinn.com. Come see us along the shores of Kezar Lake for an enjoyable and relaxing time.