Sutton, New Hampshire transforms into a magical winter wonderland, and the activities available on or near Kezar Lake create an enchanting setting for a memorable winter getaway. Paired with the award-winning charm of Follansbee Inn, it offers a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and warm hospitality, making it an idyllic retreat for those seeking the quintessential winter experience.

Ice Skating on Kezar Lake

Kezar Lake, nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Sutton, becomes a pristine ice-skating haven during the winter months. Skating enthusiasts can revel in the joy of gliding across the frozen lake, surrounded by snow-covered trees and the crisp winter air. Follansbee Inn’s proximity to Kezar Lake allows guests to easily access this winter wonder, creating a delightful start to their winter escape.

Skiing at Mount Sunapee

A short drive from Kezar Lake, Mount Sunapee beckons skiers with its well-groomed slopes and panoramic vistas. Follansbee Inn serves as a cozy base for winter sports enthusiasts, offering a warm retreat after a day of skiing adventures. The mountain’s proximity ensures that guests can seamlessly transition from the exhilaration of the slopes to the comfort of the inn.

Snowshoeing and Winter Hikes

The trails around Kezar Lake are perfect for snowshoeing and winter hikes, offering a serene escape into the snow-laden woods. Follansbee Inn, situated amidst the tranquil beauty of Sutton, provides an ideal starting point for these winter explorations. Guests can venture into the peaceful winter landscape, experiencing the quietude of nature at their own pace.

A Cozy Retreat

Follansbee Inn itself is a haven of warmth and hospitality, offering guests cozy, beautiful rooms. After a day of outdoor adventures, retreat to our inviting ambiance, complete with crackling fireplaces and charming décor. Follansbee Inn’s charm enhances any winter getaway experience, providing a delightful contrast to the snowy wonderland outside.

Ice Fishing on Kezar Lake

Kezar Lake, when blanketed in ice, becomes an enticing destination for ice fishing enthusiasts. Follansbee Inn’s close proximity allows guests to easily engage in this beloved winter pastime. The inn serves as a welcoming refuge after a day on the ice, offering a comfortable space to unwind and share the day’s fishing tales.

Winter Photography Opportunities

Winter in Sutton offers stunning photography opportunities, and Follansbee Inn’s surroundings provide a charming backdrop. Capture the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, frozen lakeshores, and the enchanting winter ambiance. The inn’s cozy interiors and scenic surroundings make it an ideal location for winter photography enthusiasts.

The Follansbee Inn Breakfast

Follansbee Inn complements the winter experience with our legendary breakfasts. Guests can indulge in Denis and Kendall’s culinary delights prepared with loving care and more than a touch of New Orleans. Our dining experience becomes an integral part of the overall winter getaway, combining the pleasure of outdoor activities with culinary delights.


Kezar Lake in Sutton, New Hampshire, paired with the welcoming charm of Follansbee Inn, creates a harmonious symphony of winter bliss. Whether indulging in outdoor activities like ice skating and skiing, embarking on serene snowshoeing adventures, or simply relishing the warmth of a cozy New Hampshire bed and breakfast, this destination offers a quintessential winter experience. Follansbee Inn’s proximity to the winter wonders of Kezar Lake makes it the perfect base for a winter getaway, where the beauty of the season is seamlessly intertwined with the comfort and hospitality of our inn.