There are some challenges you face when traveling with kids. Of course, one of the fallbacks you can depend on now is electronics of all kinds. But you don’t want the kids to go the entire way to wherever you’re headed with their heads buried in their phones or iPads.

So here are some tips for traveling with kids that include electronics, but other things as well.

One of the major things to keep in mind when traveling with kids is to take your time. Especially with younger kids, there will be times you must stop and let them stretch their legs, take potty breaks, and look at the flowers. Getting in a hurry will only lead to the kids having tantrums in the back seat and you having a tantrum in the front.

Next, when traveling with kids, you should book your stops ahead. Maybe when it was just the two of you, spontaneity reigned. You would drive until you got tired or saw someplace you wanted to stop, then tried to find a place to stay the night. With kids, this can lead to cranky kids and crankier adults. So, book ahead.

Like was mentioned in the beginning, when traveling with kids don’t rule out electronics altogether. Load them up with games and apps that will keep the kids happy. Just don’t let this be all they have to do.

With younger kids, investing in a child locator device can be invaluable. Many kids, and adults, don’t like having leashes on them. They like to be unrestricted. And regardless of how close attention you pay to them, the little guys are quick. They can be out of sight in the blink of both eyes. A child locator in their shoe or strapped to a belt can help you find them quickly.

Be sure to take medicine and first aid supplies along when traveling with kids. Accidents happen. Scraped knees, cut fingers, and sudden fevers can derail a trip quickly.

If you allow your kids to pack their own suitcases or bags, be sure to check them. You don’t want to get halfway to your destination and find out your child didn’t pack any underwear.

With older kids, engage them in the planning process. This will help them get away from the electronics easier and be a part of the vacation instead of standing around sullen and sulking.

When traveling with kids, pack a small bag for each stop before your final destination. Keep extra clothing and things needed for overnight in these bags. This will keep you from having to search through the larger bags for things needed for one night.

Keep a garbage bag handy when traveling with kids. Young kids, and some older ones, spill things, drop things, and make messes. Have baby wipes and paper towels available at all times.

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