Not many bed and breakfast facilities are located as fortunately as Follansbee Inn. It is on the shore of beautiful Kezar Lake and close to Lake Sunapee. This location gives those who stay at Follansbee Inn the option of several lake-oriented activities.

Kezar Lake carves its curving, inviting way along the eastern edge of the White Mountains. Ten miles long and not more than a mile wide, it is a beautiful setting for Follansbee Inn.

Not a lot of people see Kezar; they’re too busy cruising along Route 302 by Sebago Lake. This latter lake is the opposite of Kezar. It’s boisterous and popular, crowded by many more people.

Staying at Follansbee Inn, you’ll be delighted with the quiet calmness of Kezar Lake.

Even though it’s smaller and quieter, Kezar Lake offers a ton of things to do. Its water is exceptional for either getting on it and doing water activities or sitting beside it and enjoying nature.

Speaking of nature, there is an opportunity for spotting the loon families that make their home on the lake. You could even see a bald eagle or three.

Another delightful thing about Kezar Lake is that it is kept entirely hidden by woods from the roads that surround it. This gives the lake the feel of a country pond.

And you’ll have access to all this when you stay at Follansbee Inn.

But suppose you want more to do on a lake as you stay at Follansbee Inn. There’s Lake Sunapee only a short distance away.

Sunapee is a larger, with 70 miles of shoreline and eleven islands. It is the fifth largest lake contained entirely in New Hampshire.

There are seven sandy beach areas on Sunapee, although some have restricted town access. You’ll also find six boat ramps available on the lake.

The water in this lake is so clear, much of it coming from cold underground springs, that you can see 30 feet down in some places.

There are also activities on the shore for those who don’t care as much for the water. Craft fairs and activities “under the tent” are available in late summer.

All of these activities on two lakes are available for you when you stay at Follansbee Inn.

When you want to enjoy one of two lakes, the ideal bed and breakfast in the Sunapee/Dartmouth region is Follansbee Inn. Call 603.927.4221. Or visit Come see us along the shores of Kezar Lake for an enjoyable and relaxing time.