More and more people travel now, staying for varying lengths of time at their destinations. Motels have sprouted nearly everywhere. But more people now are choosing bed and breakfasts, or a B&B.

Why choose a B&B? There are many reasons.

Why choose a B&B? They are smaller than motels or hotels. That means you get more personal attention from the people who manage the B&B, usually the ones who own it. In larger places to stay, the employees hardly know any of the people staying there, much less give them individual attention. The opposite is true in a B&B. You’ll be kept comfortable and safe.

Why choose a B&B? The atmosphere is typically much more unique and homelike. Rather than the sterile, all the same rooms in a larger motel or hotel, the rooms in a B&B are cozy and comfortable.

Why choose a B&B? Breakfasts are delicious and varied. In larger places to stay, you often have the choice between cold scrambled eggs or stale pastries. Most of the time, the breakfast at a B&B is most likely homemade, consisting of eggs, donuts, waffles, or pancakes. And its already paid for as part of the nightly cost. You won’t have to go searching for a good breakfast place.

Why choose a B&B? The owners can usually direct you to unique attractions for the area. In larger motels or hotels, you may get some direction from the employees to those attractions everybody else is going to, also.

Why choose a B&B? You’ll get more privacy than you would at a larger place to stay. In any place where hundreds of people are staying, you’ll always have some who don’t know how to be quiet in the wee hours of the morning. There will always be someone walking past the window to your room. Not so in a B&B. There, the smaller number of people and the individual attention everyone gets keeps privacy at the top of the list.

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