Winter Hiking Tips

The cold months of winter are close. Many people choose to stay inside during the cold, but there are those who venture outside. Winter hiking is an activity that you can do to take advantage of the beauty of nature during the cold season.

If you choose to do this cold weather activity, there are a number of winter hiking tips that can make your trip much more enjoyable.

Winter hiking is potentially more dangerous and difficult due to the low temperatures and snow and ice on the trails. Partly, this means a better level of conditioning and some additional equipment to be sure you have an enjoyable experience.

One particularly important tip for winter hiking is to check the weather forecast for the area in which you’ll be hiking. Don’t rely on the forecast given the day before you’re going to hike. Check it on the day of your adventure. Winter weather can be tricky. Checking the forecast the day of your hike will give you valuable information about how to dress for the hike.

Also important for winter hiking is to check the trail conditions for the area where you’ll hike. This will tell you what additional equipment you may need to bring.

Your clothing is very important in winter hiking. Be sure to wear layers of clothing so you can add or remove layers as needed depending on conditions. All of your layers should be quick-drying. Wet clothes will deplete your body heat much quicker. The mid layer of your clothing should be light but insulating. Heavy clothing puts more strain on your body and will require more energy to move. Be sure to wear warm socks, gloves, and a hat.

Your footwear is also very important in winter hiking. You want good traction, good support for your feet and ankles, and footwear that will keep your feet dry, but also can breathe.

Winter hiking also requires good judgment. So you should be aware of times that it is wise to turn around and not complete the hike. If you don’t have the right gear, don’t try to tough it out. If the weather gets worse, don’t try wait it out. If you get over-tired, be sure to consider whether you can finish the hike.

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